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Southern Educational Opportunity PROGRAM (SEOP)

What is SEOP?

Southern Connecticut State University is an intentionally diverse learning community that
is committed to academic excellence, access, social justice and service for the public good. As a part of its mission, Southern is committed to providing postsecondary educational opportunities to students who show promise for success, but have faced educational or economic disadvantages that have impacted their preparedness for college.

seop class of 2017

In 1972, the Southern Educational Opportunity Program (SEOP) was created with the belief that students’ success is ultimately determined by their motivation, regardless of personal circumstances, and that they can graduate with the assistance of a caring, supportive community of educators.

SEOP was the first program of its kind in the state of Connecticut and served as a model for similar initiatives at other universities. Hundreds of students who participated in SEOP in the last four decades have successfully graduated from Southern and have been positive contributors to their local, state, national, and international communities.

The Program consists of the following components:

  • Summer Academy
  • Academic-Year Success Initiatives

How Does SEOP Help Students?

SEOP helps students:

  • Make a successful transition to Southern
  • Develop a strong foundation for continuous success during their first year
  • Attain continuous academic and personal success through graduation
  • Graduate from the university prepared for career and/or graduate/professional academic success

Southern Educational Opportunity Program (SEOP) will help ease the transition from your current school to SCSU and provides services in the following areas to help you succeed at this campus: admissions, financial assistance, orientation, academic support, as well as academic and personal advising.

Contact Us:

SEOP Coordinator
Dawn L. Stanton
Office: Engleman Hall B018
Phone: (203) 392-6812
Fax: 203-392-6813
Engleman Hall B018
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06515

SEOP Secretary II
Laura A. McKay
Office: Engleman Hall B018
Phone: (203) 392-6814
Fax: 203-392-6813
Engleman Hall B018
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06515