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Student Life-Safety

Southern is committed to maintaining a secure campus environment for its students, faculty and staff. Our University Police have strong partnerships with the neighboring New Haven and Hamden Police Departments as well as with the State Police and the FBI. And our personnel are trained to deal with a wide variety of emergency situations.

Southern has a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan administered by the University Incident Management Team, which comprises  University Police, Administrators and Staff. This plan has been tested through exercises with area public safety partners and homeland security officials in a variety of scenarios, including flu epidemic, severe weather and gunman-on-campus scenarios. The plan is also helpful in evacuation drills that have been conducted in response to fire alarms and potential severe weather conditions.

The university has several methods of communications to the campus that are used  in emergency situations and drills. These include SouthernAlert (text, e-mail and voice communication), a siren/public address system, emergency blue phones, email and the University Web site. If you haven't already registered for SCSUAlert, you may do so here. Our emergency communication systems are routinely tested during the academic year.

Southern's Emergency Preparedness Web site includes useful information and instructions related to a variety of emergency incidents, including the presence of a hostile intruder in campus academic and office buildings or residence halls. Faculty and staff members also receive a blue Emergency Response Quick Reference Guide, which provides a user-friendly summary of the information on the website. These guidelines cannot cover every possible situation that might occur, but they can reduce the number of injuries or fatalities if they are put into action as soon as a situation develops. Time is the most important factor in the optimal management of these types of situations.

If you have any questions about security on campus, or about Southern's Emergency Management Plan, please contact Chief Joseph Dooley at or by phone 203-392-5375.