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Compost Happens!

What is Compost?

Vital nutrients in food are derived from soil. Therefore, soil nutrients need to be replenished! Composting is a process that "closes the loop" on food waste-- and allows plant based food scrap to decompose so that it can be returned to soil, maintaining healthy pH, reducing erosion, and replenishing nutrients that healthy plants (and people!) need. Composting is a key component of organic farming, and SCSU makes Compost Happen!

Click here for a step-by-step explanation to make organic compost!

Click here for a list of food scraps that we can and cannot compost here on campus.

Join Compost Happens!

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Compost Happens! is a student-run composting program at SCSU, launched in November 2013 with help from a New England Campus Sustainability Forum (NECSF) mini-grant. Volunteer offices and departments collect compostable food scrap like banana peels and apple cores in collection bins provided by the Office of Sustainability. Student volunteers collect the materials each week and bring it to aerated tumblers located at the Campus Community Garden behind Davis Hall. After the nutrient rich food scraps decompose for 4-8 weeks in the enclosed tumblers, the compost is ready, and is used in the garden. Composting is a viable method of waste disposal for our campus community and can be done with ease and cleanliness.

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Compost Happens! continues at SCSU because of its popularity. In the first half of 2017, we diverted 400 lbs. of food from the waste stream to put to much better use!

Thank-you Volunteers!

  • Buley Library- Circulation Desk, Staff Lounge, Administrative Office
  • Communication Disorders
  • Facilities Operations and Planning
  • The Office of International Education
  • The President's Wing
  • Integrated Communications and Marketing
  • Office of STEM Innovation and Leadership
  • Environment, Geography, and Marine Science (Student lounge, JE 343)
  • *NEW* in 2017: North Campus Midrise
  • *NEW* in 2017: Hickerson Hall

***If your office is interested in adding a compost bin please contact Julie DellaVecchia ( for more information!