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Did you know that-

 *Most thefts of personal property are the result of convenience? For a thief, the easier the better.

* People are occasionally victimized by someone who knows them or knows of them?



  • Keep your dorm room secured (locked) at all times whether it is occupied or not.


  • Carry your room key and student ID with you at all times.


  • Never leave cash, jewelry, keys, IPods, MP3's, cameras or personal information CD's lying around in plain view.


  • Secure all important items and paperwork. Invest in a sturdy safety deposit box and store out of plain view.


  • Never broadcast your good fortune, whatever that may be, to anyone.


  • Report any loss, unusual circumstance or change in the appearance of your room immediately to dorm staff and university police.


  • When leaving your dorm or campus for any appreciable length of time, let a trusted friend or staff member know where you are going and when you can be expected to return.


  • Always have a list of your personal equipment (with serial numbers and model numbers) along with credit card and contact numbers stored in a safe place for reporting purposes. 


  • When in the classroom, keep your book bag and its' contents along with laptop, PDA's, pocketbook, wallet and calculator in your possession or view at all times.


  • When leaving a classroom to use the restroom, leave your personal property at the front of the classroom or lecture hall in full view of the instructor until you return.


  • If your class is scheduled for a field trip, take your belongings with you if the classroom or lecture hall will not be locked.


  • If the room will be secured for the duration, leave your belongings out of full view from the classroom door or windows. Insure that the classroom will be secured in your group's absence.