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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) authorizes on-campus employment for F-1 students. The F-1 student may only work on the campus of the school that issued the I-20, and the work may not exceed 20 hours per week when the University is in session and full time when the University is not in session (during spring break, summer session, etc.).


Practical Training
Practical Training is available to F-1 students who have been enrolled full-time for at least one academic year. The employment for Practical Training must be in the student's field of study. There are two types of Practical Training:

Curricular Practical Training
CPT is an alternate workstudy, an internship, cooperative education, or any type of required internship or practicum offered by sponsoring employers through cooperative agreements with the University. Employment must be an integral part of an established curriculum.  F-1 students who engage in an aggregate of 12 months or more of full-time CPT become ineligible for OPT

Optional Practical Training (OPT)
OPT is a temporary employment that is directly related to an F-1 student's major area of study and commensurate with the student's educational level.  A student becomes eligible for an additional 12 months of practical training when he or she changes to a higher educational level.

 For additional information regarding off-campus employment, please contact Aliya Amin at (203) 392-6821.