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What are the responsibilities of international students in the U.S.?

The U.S. government requires the INS to have strict regulations for international students. Disregarding federal regulations or failing to abide by them can potentially lead to the termination of status for a student. Therefore, it is crucial that students keep their passports and other documents current and in order. It is also necessary that students notify the OIE of any and all changes to their academic status and contact information.

The most important regulations to remember are the following: 

  • Students must keep two documents:

  1. I-94 form attached to their passport; and

  2. I-20 form showing that they are authorized by the INS to attend school in the United States

  • Students may work on campus. They cannot work off campus in the United States during their first 12 months without special permission, which is given only by the INS and the Office of International Education.

  • A Social Security number is required for employment. The identification number issued to students by the university is not a Social Security number; it is used internally for SCSU business only. Please do not present this university ID number to any outside agencies or employers as they will not accept it. If you need further information about obtaining a Social Security number after reviewing the information on this website, please contact the OIE at (203) 392-6756.

  • Students must carry a full course load of study during their stay in the United States.

  • Students who need to deviate from full-time status must contact the OIE before dropping a class.

  • Students must carry health insurance and comply with university health services requirements of a physical examination and proper immunization records.

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