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The Cost of Studying Abroad

The costs associated with SCSU’s current long-term program options—direct and exchange—differ in a few major ways.

Students going abroad to one of our partner universities via an exchange will be expected to pay tuition to Southern, for the same price they would pay if they remained on campus here in New Haven. Housing and meals are paid to the host university. 

Direct programs, on the other hand, are offered through third-party organizations like ISEP, CISabroad, CIEE and others. Some service-learning programs also fall under this category. Students going direct will pay their program fees to the company sponsoring their program, rather to a university. These program fees often cover tuition, housing and meals, but each company is different. It’s best to discuss what the fees will and will not pay for with your OIE coordinator to determine what the actual cost of living abroad might be.

 Always keep in mind the additional costs of airfare, visa fees, books, laundry, and living expenses abroad, as some program fees may not include them. Complete details can be found in the "Program Fees" or "Costs" section of your application if you're traveling through a third-party program.

Financial Aid and Scholarships are absolutely available for students who wish to study abroad for a semester or longer. Chances are, if you are receiving financial aid to study at SCSU for this semester, you are likely to receive some aid to study abroad!