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Students hoping to study abroad are often on the hunt for funding as well. The Office of International Education has provided a list of organizations and scholarship opportunities in the yellow navigation bar on the left. Please feel free to browse through their offered scholarships and select a few that you think you might qualify for. We are always happy to advise and assist students with their scholarship applications.

It's also important to remember that funding can come from many sources, including local ones. Students are highly encouraged to check with their community organizations and churches for small-denominational scholarships.$500 may not seem like much, but those small donations can add up over time or even pay for meals while you're abroad! 

Inst. Int'l Education Funding
The Institute of International Education has also compiled a database of available scholarships and grants that SCSU students can take advantage of. Click the button at right to check it out!



 If you have any questions, or simply want to discuss your funding options, please stop by to meet with an OIE coordinator. Our current scholarship contact is:

Office of International Education

Engleman Hall A 220