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Funding Your Education Abroad

Students interested in studying abroad have the option of applying any financial aid they are awarded after submitting the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) to their semester abroad.  The same is true for any scholarships students are awarded.  In fact, the vast majority of our students fund at least a portion of their study abroad experience through scholarships and other aid, such as loans or grants. 

For many, the cost of their program and whether or not they qualify for financial aid is a determining factor in their decision to study abroad.  

Studying abroad as an "exchange" student - where students apply to one of Southern's exchange programs - offers what is often a more affordable alternative to "direct" study abroad, where students pay an affiliate institution/program or other approved third-party study abroad provider a flat fee which includes all tuition, housing, and meal plan expenses.  As "exchanges", students pay Southern's tuition and fees, and are waived the tuition and fees of the host university.  There are many different types of exchange arrangements.  We encourage students to attend a Study Abroad Information Session to learn more about these options.

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Once a student has been accepted into a study abroad program, they need to begin thinking about their required budget.  For students receiving financial aid, the budget, along with the student's Study Abroad Approval Form, must be completed and submitted to the OIE. It  will then be sent to the Office of Financial Aid so that the student's aid package can be assessed.  The budget should be typed and in US dollars (alternatively, the host currency and US dollar amount can both be shown; we recommend conversions be done using, and should include all expenses the student will incur as a result of studying abroad: travel to and from host country, program fees, room and board, educational materials, local transportation, the mandatory SCSU $225.00 Study Abroad fee, along with other expenses.  Optional anticipated costs, such as vacations and souvenirs should not be included.  The budget can either be submitted to the OIE as a hard copy or via email.

Specific questions about filing for financial aid or aid eligibility should be directed to the student's Financial Aid Officer.  To contact Financial Aid at Southern, please call (203) 392-5222.