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American University of Armenia

Yerevan AUA

The American University of Armenia is a U.S.-accredited institution located in Yerevan, Armenia. AUA is affiliated with the University of California and offers a Western approach to higher learning in cosmopolitan Yerevan, Armenia's largest city and its capital.

Because AUA has earned an American accreditation, students can choose from a wide range of courses from the university's eighteen degree fields and certifications. AUA has made international student success one of its top priorities, and provides incoming students with ample support. In addition to the Summer and Semester Programs offered each year, AUA's Office of Admission gives students the opportunity to participate in "Discover Armenia Educational Tours," a series of day-long, guided excursions throughout Armenia designed to put students in contact with authentic foods and cultural practices outside of Yerevan.

AUA LibraryStudents attending AUA can expect a wide variety of course options and a familiar classroom setting due to the private university's close ties to American universities. Accommodations are provided by American University of Armenia. AUA has opened a small and quaint dormitory for students located directly behind the University at Sose 36. The first floor of the dormitory houses male students while the second floor their female students. The dormitory offers newly renovated double rooms, a shared kitchenette on each floor, and bathrooms and showers.


Yerevan GardensYerevan is the capital city of Armenia, and is also one of the world's oldest continuously-inhabited cities. Mount Ararat (of Biblical fame), the country's symbolic mountaintop, is visible in the city an average of 234 days per year, and rises up just beyond the city skyline. Armenia is historically considered the first nation to adopt Christianity, but the influence of many cultures and religions can be seen in its diverse architectural styles and memorials. The city is home to a number of museums and galleries, and students are invited to explore its parks and botanical gardens or attend performances in any one of its major performance halls or theatres. 

Due to its central location and important history as an international trade center, Yerevan's transportation systems are highly developed. Students can explore the city via bus, trolley or extensive underground metro system. Railways and flights connect Yerevan to locations on the  Black Sea as well as the surrounding Armenian suburbs.

Students interested in a shorter term at AUA can check out their Summer Program