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Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture


The Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, or BUCEA, was founded in 1936. Since then, it has grown to support 11 unique schools and a population of over 8,000 students. Like many Chinese universities, BUCEA welcomes international exchange and encourages students from U.S. institutions to apply. SCSU students interested in studying abroad in China should note that BUCEA is the only university in the country with a dedicated school of architecture, and that its Social Work program coordinates closely with our own.

Beijing CompBUCEA is located in Beijing, China's capital and one of the largest cities in the world. It is China's primary 
economic, cultural and educational hub and is home to more than 21 million people. Students living and studying in Beijing will find themselves surrounded by buildings and historic sites from every period of Chinese history, from Beijing's ancient heart--the Forbidden City--
to the soaring contemporary skyscrapers of the Financial Street.  Students may recall the Bird's Nest (Beijing National Stadium) built to host the 2008 Summer Olympics as one of the city's defining modern structures. In the outer sections of the city, however, ancient architecture is still visible--some portions of the Great Wall of China border the northern edges of Beijing. Students are encouraged to explore Beijing's many cultural and historical sites (including seven UNESCO Heritage Sites), from its parks and palaces, to its numerous museums, pagodas and temples.

Travel to and from Beijing is available via high-speed rail, underground subway, and international airports. City residents often ride bicycles, and it remains a popular mode of transportation despite the rise of cars, buses and trains.