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Central China Normal University

Central China Normal Cranes

Central China Normal University, located in Wuhan, is home to one of China's foremost education programs on the mainland. What began as a "normal" or pedagogical university has become a large, multi-disciplined institution responsible for some of China's major scientific research projects. CCNU currently hosts 27 colleges and 68 undergraduate programs including Chinese and Foreign Political Systems, Theoretical Physics, Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement, Education Theory, Chinese Modern and Contemporary History, Literature and Art Studies.

CCNU Campus CompThe university's College of International Cultural Exchange (CICE) provides support to all  incoming international students. The CICE is responsible for assisting Southern students with course enrollment and providing administrative assistance, and also offers and undergraduate program for those interested in studying Chinese culture and language.

Accommodations for international students can be arranged via CCNU's online housing application. The CICE provides single dorms, or students can elect to live with up to three roommates. Off-campus housing is also available. Meals can be purchased at any of the university canteens, or students can sample the regional cuisine at local street food markets.

Wuhan SkylineThe city of Wuhan is the economic, cultural, and educational hub of Central China, and is considered to be one of the most ancient and historical cities in the world.  Wuhan also serves as one of China's major transportation hubs, and is known as "the nine provinces' leading thoroughfare." Its dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the city provide students with easy access to just about any region in the country. It is also home to one of China's "Four Great Towers," which hold great historical and artistic significance. Yellow Crane Tower, a local landmark, provides unparalleled views of the Wuhan skyline and Yangtze River.