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Long Term Application Process

Step 1) Attend an OIE Information Session (call us at 203-392-6756 or check our webpage for Information Session times and locations) or schedule a one-on-one information session with our Programs Abroad Coordinator, Ina Marshall.

Step 2) Meet with your academic advisor to request academic approval to study abroad for one or two semesters. This requires that you have a minimum 2.75 overall GPA.

Step 3) Once you have decided on a program, submit your program application. At this time, you must also pay your $75.00 Application Fee. You can do this either in our office (EN A- 220) or online at:
 A $150 study abroad fee will be billed directly to the student's Banner account (also applicable for short-term third party programs). 

Step 4) At this time, depending on the host institution you have selected, you may have to submit additional documents required for enrollment or program placement. If you plan to study at an exchange partner institution abroad, OIE staff will advise you on this step; if you are working with a third-party organization, the organization will assist you with any questions you may have.

Step 5) Obtain your passport and visa.

Step 6) Complete Study Abroad Course Approval Form.

Step 7) If you have submitted your FAFSA on time and plan to apply financial aid to your study abroad experience, you will need to create a budget. You may create your own budget template, or you can tailor ours to suit your needs: (Link "Sample Budget Worksheet for Study Abroad Students" here...OIE/Study abroad for Southern students/funding your education abroad/budgeting)

Step 8) Attend a Risk Management Session and complete all Risk Management requirements.

Step 9) Submit program payment. If you are a financial aid recipient, certain payments may be deferred by third-party organizations, with pre-approval, until your financial aid is disbursed.