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Taibah University

Taibah BannerTaibah University is one of Saudi Arabia's foremost universities, and is located in one of its largest and holiest cities: Medina. Founded in 2003, Taibah has grown quickly, and now boasts a population  of over 63,000 students. The university offers 156 programs, with more than 60 undergraduate degrees to choose from. Some of its individual colleges include: Business Administration, Nursing, Engineering, Computer Science and more.

Taibah also offers a unique opportunity for English students at SCSU. Those interested in pursuing degree courses abroad are encouraged to consider some of the Department of Language and Translation's literature and writing courses, all taught in English at Taibah University. Both universities aim to promote multi-cultural communication and understanding, as well as to enrich the experience, cultural understanding and knowledge of students from both Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

MedinaStudents living in Medina promise to have an unforgettable cultural experience! It is one of two destinations visited by Muslims on their Hajj (pilgrimage), and is one of Saudi Arabia's busiest cities. While Medina proper is reserved for Muslims, the areas surrounding the inner city are accessible to all visitors; this is where Taibah University is located. Medina is connected to the rest of the country by highway and by the international airport, which offers flights to other major cities in the region, including Cairo and Dubai.


Please note: SCSU does not support travel to this institution during periods when official State Department Travel Warnings are posted.