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Tianjin University of Technology

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Tianjin University of Technology is an institution with a two-pronged academic focus: scientific research and engineering coupled with Chinese language and culture. These two concentrations have created a fascinating environment for exchange students looking to earn computer science or engineering credits abroad, or for those interested in boosting their language proficiency.

The School of Chinese Language and Culture at TUT offers students interested in learning or improving their Chinese the opportunity to enroll in elective courses to study Chinese cooking, painting, calligraphy and other traditional art forms. Tours are available through the College of International Education, and students can choose to travel throughout the country, experiencing the variety of cultures in each region.

Tianjin CompTUT is located in Tianjin, the fourth-largest city in China. Tianjin is also the largest coastal city in Northern China, and has acted as the gateway to the capital since the 1800s. The city's history as a major port for European traders has resulted in a mix of colonial-style homes with the renovated glass and concrete super-structures contemporary China is renowned for. Students in Tianjin can explore the French, German and British architecture lining the streets, or take any of the city's trams, rails or metros deeper into the heart of China.