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Risk Management

A major tenet of the Study Abroad experience is stepping outside of one's “comfort zone”.  Our study abroad returnees would unanimously agree that the risk is worth the reward!

The Office of International Education is here to support students so that they can realize their dreams of meeting people from vastly different backgrounds, speaking new languages, trying foods not normally on the American plate, discovering picturesque landscapes, and attempting to establish a genuine connection with a foreign culture.  It is also our role to educate students on how to avoid and appropriately deal with any issues that may arise during their study abroad experience.  Student safety is a top priority.

During each student's mandatory risk management session, the OIE Risk Management protocol will be outlined, and topics of consideration for students studying abroad (and families) will be discussed. We have also provided links to the Center for Disease Control and U.S. State Department under the "Country and Travel Information" tab on the yellow navigation bar.  Please read up on any travel advisories or important information posted by either of these government agencies and come prepared with any questions or concerns you might have.  We are always happy to assist and advise.

Remember to schedule your appointment with Ina Marshall, Programs Abroad Coordinator, at least one month prior to your departure date.