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Welcome to Art at Southern

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At Southern, students may study art history, art education, and take a rich variety of studio art classes.   Art students can also draw upon the rich array of liberal arts courses in other university departments. Want to delve into computer programming? Explore video production? Learn the journalism part of photojournalism? Choose elective courses from the computer science, communication, or journalism departments that are perfectly suited to your own individual career plans.

Organizations like the Student Arts League and Folio (a literary and arts publication) offer extracurricular participation in the cultural life of the university for all students.  Sponsored exhibitions and guest lectures are only two of the many ways to get involved.

New Haven is home to numerous galleries, as well as world-class museums where you can experience the works of masters like Picasso, Van Gogh, Degas, Warhol and Sargent.  The department schedules field trips to Boston or New York every semester so that students can enhance their studies in those cultural centers as well.

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