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Graduate Assistantships (GAs)

Each year, Graduate Assistantships will be awarded to two or three incoming M.F.A. students.  There is no application process for these G.A.s; all full-time applicants are considered. M.F.A.

Graduate Assistants (G.A.s) receive a stipend of approximately $9,600 – with all university fees waived for the academic year – paid in several installments, and are expected to assist with professional-development functions and administrative duties within the English Department and M.F.A. Program. The Graduate Assistantships do not include teaching.

The Graduate Assistantships are not tuition waivers but are designed to offset the cost of graduate school and afford the student time to devote to his or her writing.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

You must apply separately to be considered for a GTA (NOTE: apply at the same time that you apply to the program; see the link at the end of this paragraph). Through a competitive process, three students in the M.A., M.S., and M.F.A. programs will be awarded Graduate Teaching Assistantships. For more information, click here.

Administrative Graduate Assistantships

We work hard to place students in administrative graduate assistantships. These positions provide the same amount of funding and fee waiver as the GAs. However, these require twenty hours of work per week in various academic departments. No application process required.

The following types of funding are available after the first year:

Graduate Research Fellowships (GRFs)

Each year, the School of Graduate Studies awards several Graduate Research Fellowships to full-time graduate students working toward the master's degree or sixth-year diploma program. Each fellowship is in the amount of $12,000 plus a fee waiver.

Graduate Student Graduate Assistantships (GSGAs)

Each year, the School of Graduate Studies awards several Graduate Student Graduate Assistantships to full-time matriculated graduate students in the amount of $12,000 plus fee waiver. 


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