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 The Psychology department offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in Psychology. At the undergraduate level, we offer a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with either a general focus or a specialization in mental health, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with tracks in Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, and Assessment & Applied Psychology.  At the graduate level, we offer a 30-credit Masters of Arts in Psychology. 

Please explore our site to learn more about our programs and our opportunities for students.

Engleman Hall D 069A
Phone: (203) 392-6868
Fax: (203) 392-6805



before emailing the department chairperson, PLEASE CHECK HERE TO SEE IF THERE'S an answer to your question

Do you need permission for a Psychology course?

If you need a prerequisite override for a Psychology course:
Email the department chairperson

If a course you want to take is filled and you want permission to overenroll:
• Contact the professor of the class for permission, unless:
**  Courses taught by a part-time instructor:  Email the department chairperson

• Note that many of our popular classes fill quickly and cannot be overenrolled.  You should not assume that you'll be able to add a class that is full. 

Do you want to switch to a different catalog year?

Requests for a catalog switch need to be entered by the chair of your major department.

You may need to switch your catalog for one or more of these reasons:

• You just returned to SCSU after an absence, and you want to follow the curriculum rules from when you first started at SCSU (for example, the older Gen Ed requirements or older Psychology requirements)
• You want your degree evaluation to reflect changes to the Psychology major that went into effect after you started (for example, the revised BS in Psychology that started in Fall 2016
• You want to take advantage of changes to the LEP that go into effect in Fall 2017. For Psychology majors, these are:

--  You can skip one of the following Tier 2 categories:  American Experience, Creative Drive, Cultural Expression, Global Awareness, Social Structure,  and Time & Place.

-- If you transferred with 30-59 credits, you can waive the World Language requirement if you took two semesters of a language in college (e.g. SPA 101), or three levels' worth in high school (e.g. equivalent of SPA 200)

-- If you transferred with 60 or more credits, the World Languages requirement is waived.

If you want to switch for any of these reasons:
Email the department chairperson

*** If you have between 30-59 transfer credits and you hope to waive the LEP World Language requirement, you need to also submit the LEP WLL Waiver Request Form to the LEP office.  You may need to include additional documentation regarding high school courses. (This is separate from our departmental request form.)

Do you have questions about advising?

If you are a pre-accepted Psychology major, you need to sign up for a group advising session.
Click here to go to the Advising page.
The page has links for advising signups, and information about pre-acceptance advisors. You can also find out who your primary Psychology advisor is on this page.

If you are an accepted Psychology major in the General major, Mental Health specialization, or the BS in Psychology program, make an appointment with your advisor.

If you are a Psychology minor or IDS student with a Psychology concentration, you can contact either Dr. Durwin ( or Dr. Stiver ( for advice.

Do you want to declare a major in Psychology?

Do you want to switch your specialization within Psychology?

If you're already an accepted major in Psychology and you want to switch from one of the specializations (General, Mental Health, or the BS) to another

  1. Do a what-if analysis in Banner to see what requirements you have left
  2. If you want to switch to the Mental Health specialization or the BS program, print out an Specialization Acceptance Agreement form, schedule a meeting with the director of the specialization program to complete the form with them, and bring the completed and signed form to the Psychology office. (If you are switching to the General program, you can skip this step)

    You can download the Mental Health Acceptance Agreement form here. The Mental Health specialization director is Dr. Kraemer,

    You can download the B.S. Acceptance Agreement form here. The B.S. specialization director is Dr. Carroll,
  3. Email the department chairperson


If you've declared Psychology but you're not eligible for acceptance yet, and you want to switch between the B.A. in Psychology (General) and the B.S. in Psychology

  1. Consult with a Psychology advisor before requesting this switch
  2. Fill out the online Selection of Degree form.


If you've declared Psychology but you're not eligible for acceptance yet, and you want to switch to the Mental Health specialization:

Wait until you’re accepted into the Psychology major before requesting this switch


Do you need to apply for acceptance, or have questions about the acceptance process?

Do you want to declare a minor in Psychology?

Do you want to see sample four-year course plans (roadmaps) for the Psychology programs?

Do you have questions about participating in a research study in Psychology?

Do you need tutoring for a Psychology class?

Are you thinking about applying to SCSU and majoring in Psychology?

Are you thinking about transferring to SCSU and majoring in Psychology?