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Becoming a Psychology major




Getting Started in Psychology

1. Declare Psychology as your major.

  • Go to the online Selection of Degree Program (top yellow box at the above right) site on the SCSU web page.  Choose either Psychology, BA: Concentration - Pre-Psychology or Psychology, B.S.: Concentration - Pre-Psychology.  (Note:  you might be interested in the Mental Health concentration.  You can select the specialization after you've been accepted into the major.)

    You will get a confirmation notice when your request has been processed and approved (it may take a couple of days).

2. Fill out our New Major Survey.  (It should only take about 1-2 minutes.)

3. Figure out who your Psychology advisor is, based on your last name, and learn about how advising works for new Psychology majors, by going to this page.

Next Steps

1. Become Accepted as a Psychology major. 

  • You will need to be accepted into the major in order to graduate with a Psychology degree. The requirements for acceptance are described here.  Every student who meets the requirements for acceptance will be accepted.
  • When you are accepted into the major, you can choose to follow the general major program or one of the specializations.  These are described here.
  • You should apply for acceptance as soon as you meet the requirements (for most students, this occurs midway through their sophomore year or early junior year).  Several of the Psychology requirements can only be taken after you've been accepted.

2. Get involved and make the most of your opportunities in the Psychology department.