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Faculty Research

Here are some of the research projects we are working on:


Behavioral Neuroscience & ANIMAL Behavior (Bordner, NizhnikovStiver)

  • Effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol in rats, to understand these effects in humans  (NizhnikovBordner)
  • Rodent models of alcohol addiction and autistic traits    (Bordner)
  • Cooperation among reproductive competitors in fish   (Stiver)

Clinical and Affective Science (Abe, ColwellKRAEMER, Walters)

  • Identifying Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in college-aged students   (Walters)
  • Methods for detecting lying   (Colwell)
  • Alcohol use and mental illness in college-aged students  (Walters)
  • Cognitive-affective styles and relationship to: political views, experiential learning   (Abe)
  • Use of textual analysis to determine cognitive-affective styles and consequences  (Abe)

Cognitive & Developmental Psychology (Brancazio, Carroll, Durwin, HAUSELT, Irwin, Kahlbaugh, Marsland, Moore)

  • Spoken language perception skills in children with autism spectrum disorder   (Irwin, Brancazio)
  • Intervention studies to improve reading in young children at low-performing schools   (Durwin, Carroll, Moore, Lab page)
  • Individual differences in reading skill and attention in college-aged students   (Moore, Brancazio, Lab page)
  • Spoken language perception and lipreading skill   (Brancazio, Irwin, Moore, Lab page)
  • Decision-making and effectiveness of delay of gratification   (Kahlbaugh)

Social AND APPLIED-SOCIAL Psychology (Bessenoff, BUDNICK, Jacobs, Stiver, Suckle-Nelson)

  • Effects of media on body image in women and in male attitudes   (Bessenoff)
  • Spirituality and sexual identity  (Suckle-Nelson)
  • Influences on effort and persistence in the job search (Budnick)
  • University student career development (Budnick)
  • Relationship violence and traits of offenders   (Stiver)
  • Dieting and sensitivity to physiological body states  (Bessenoff)
  • Face biases in social media  (Suckle-Nelson)

Personality & Lifespan Psychology (Anthis, Jacobs)

  • Life satisfaction and social mobility at mid-life (Jacobs)
  • Life and career identity (Anthis)
  • Relationship satisfaction in adults  (Jacobs)

Health AND WORKPLACE Psychology (BUDNICK, KahlbaughMarslandNovosad)

  • Subjective well-being in the elderly (Kahlbaugh)
  • Influences on employee stress and well-being (Budnick)
  • Workplace intervention design and assessment (Budnick)
  • Social policy and community-based needs assessment   (Marsland)
  • Sleep patterns in college students    (Novosad)
  • Engaging the elderly with video games   (Kahlbaugh)