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Conducting Research in the Psychology Department

Human research studies in the Psychology department are scheduled using an online system called Sona Systems.

Information for Researchers

To conduct research involving human participants, you need to do the following:

1) If you are a student, find a faculty sponsor.

2) Complete the CITI ethics training program. Start here:  As you go through the registration process in CITI, you will be given various options for training modules to complete.  You should select the "Social and Behavioral Research" module. 

3)Develop your research design and protocol, in collaboration with your faculty sponsor. At this stage, you should work out details about how you will recruit participants and protect their confidentiality. You can  consult with Dr. Hauselt, the IRB director (and a Psychology professor) about issues with your plan before submitting your IRB application. You can also consult with Dr. Budnick (who oversees research participation in the Psychology department) about how your study could be implemented in Sona, the department's research signup system.

4) Submit your protocol to SCSU's Institutional Review Board. Click here to learn about the IRB review process.  Your IRB proposal should be created in collaboration with your faculty sponsor, and should not be submitted without his or her review and approval.

5) Make arrangements to collect your data:  Where are you going to run your study? Do you need any special equipment?  Discuss this with your faculty sponsor.

6) Review the rules and guidelines for conducting research through the research pool.

7) After your IRB proposal is approved, if you want to use the Psychology Research Participation pool to collect data, submit a request form.

8) When your Participation Pool request is granted and your experiment is listed in Sona, you can post sign-up times.  You should work with your faculty sponsor that your planned data collection locations are not already booked.

If you have questions, you can contact Dr. Christopher J. Budnick, the Research Participation coordinator, at





  • Survey Monkey (free for small surveys)
  • R (statistical analyses)
  • PsyScope (design and run experiments on a Mac)
  • RioWeb (Convert data files to other formats)