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Advising for pre-accepted Psychology majors

When you first declare Psychology as your major, you will be assigned an initial Psychology advisor.
The six pre-acceptance advisors are:  Dr. Hauselt, Dr. Kahlbaugh, Dr. Marsland, Dr. MooreDr. Stiver, and Dr. Nizhnikov ("nish-nih-koff"). You can contact any of them for help, but one will be your advisor of record.

You can figure out your advisor based on your last name. (This is a new policy and the advisor listed for you in Banner might be different for now.)
     A - Ca:    Dr. Marsland
     Ce - F:    Dr. Hauselt
     G - K:     Dr. Kahlbaugh
     L - N:     Dr. Moore
     O - Sg:    Dr. Stiver
     Sh - Z:     Dr. Nizhnikov


Advising for registration will take place in small group sessions (up to 8 students) run by the pre-acceptance advisors.  (Your advising session won't necessarily be with your assigned advisor, depending on the session you sign up for.) This is where you will get advice about courses to select, learn information about the different programs in Psychology, and receive your pre-registration PIN.

We hold separate sessions for new freshmen, returning students, and transfer students.  These take place in March/April and October/November. 

Signups for group advising sessions are done online.

Here are the links:
  1. If you are a first-year Psychology major and you have not attended group advising before  
  2. If you are a new transfer student or a continuing student who just switched to Psychology (and you have not  attended group advising before)
  3. If you are a continuing Psychology major and you have attended group advising before


If you have additional questions that can't be answered in a group session, or that you don't feel comfortable discussing in  front of other students, you can set up an individual appointment with your advisor.

Advising for accepted Psychology majors

When you are accepted into the major, you will be assigned to a different Psychology professor as your advisor.  You will be able to make individual appointments with him/her to discuss class selection and other issues.

Advising for Psychology minors and IDS MAJORS

If you have a minor in Psychology or an IDS major with a concentration in Psychology, you should see your main academic advisor to receive your PIN. However, we have two Psychology professors who serve as Minor Consultants, Dr. Stiver and Dr. Durwin. You can contact either of them for advice on Psychology course selection.