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Undergraduate Psychology Programs


Click on the links below or on the left to learn more about:

Major Programs: Overview of the three undergraduate degree programs in Psychology, with descriptions of each, comparisons, and  links to program requirements.

Minor Programs: Description of options for pursuing a minor in Psychology.  This also applies to Interdisciplinary Studies majors with a concentration in Psychology.

Acceptance to the Major:  Explains the acceptance process for Psychology majors and provides links to the acceptance application form.

Advising: Describes the advising process for Psychology majors and minors. Will provide link to advising sign-up page for pre-accepted major during pre-registration.

Courses:  Link to the Undergraduate Catalog listing of Psychology course descriptions.

Tutoring:  Information about opportunities to receive tutoring in your Psychology courses.

Courses for Specific Interests:  Courses aren't just numbers on your degree evaluation!  Think about your specific interests in Psychology, and choose courses that match your interests.

Pre-2012 Psychology Requirements:  Students who started at SCSU before 2012 (or who transferred here in 2012 or 2013 with certain amounts of transfer credits) follow an older set of major requirements. Click here to read about them.

Expected Learning Outcomes:  Our main goals for what you will gain from your Psychology major.