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Resources for Women's Studies


The Web Resources for Women's Studies page includes databases, scholarly journals, news organizations, activism organizations, blogs, etc. Databases and scholarly journals can be accessed online through your Buley Library Consul's account. Bound journals can also be found at Buley Library. 

Buley Library's Feminism/Women's Studies Internet Resources
This vast collection of links culled by SCSU Librarians features web sites dedicated to women and art, bibliography, business, conferences, education, electronic forums, feminist activist resources, feminist theory, film, funding, gender studies, health, history, international and global resources, journals, magazines, newsletters, law, leadership, lesbian resources, literature, military, music, organizations, politics, religion, science and technology, sports, teaching resources, and Women's Studies programs.

Contact information

If you have any questions about research, please contact the Women's Studies Reference Librarian:

Cindy Schofield, Ed.D
Buley Library
Phone: (203) 392-5778