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Business Advisory Council Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The SCSU School of Business Advisory Council mission is to serve as Ambassadors, provide external perspectives and connections, as well as advocacy and support for the School of Business programs and strategic initiatives.

Vision Statement

The SCSU School of Business Advisory Council vision is to support positioning the School of Business as a recognized leader in innovative business education, scholarly excellence, and conscious community engagement as evidenced by being included in the top 100 business schools by 2025.

Goals and Objectives

Communications & Marketing

  • As Ambassadors, support enhancing the SCSU School of Business brand
  • Support repositioning the SCSU School of Business brand recognition of impact, engagement, and innovation through effective, integrated communication and marketing initiatives

Fundraising & Development

  • Enhance the SCSU School of Business financial resources
  • Enhance sustainable, philanthropic income streams in support of its strategic initiatives, and recognize the needs and interests of key business and individual supporters

BAC Professionalism & Leadership

  • Support a deepening culture of leadership, engagement and excellence with all Business Advisory Council members
  • Support creating an engaging and rewarding Business Advisory Council experience to lead it with excellence into the future
  • Work with the Dean to optimize Advisory Council skill sets to create opportunities for the Business School, its students and faculty
  • Provide guidance to develop and maintain a database of personal information and interests of current and past Advisory Council members, and other friends of the Business School