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Bing Carbone

Bing CarboneBing Carbone
Modern Plastics

Bing J. Carbone is President of Modern Plastics in Shelton, Connecticut and has been in a leadership and management role for over 25-years, having celebrated his 40th year of employment at Modern Plastics in 2018.

Over the course of this time he has gained great experience in the management of people, sales, finance and a family business experience and now, in a corporate environment,

Bing is engaged with universities and colleges in terms of public speaking, lectures teaching, seminars and student classroom activities such as business, leadership, business strategy, business development, marketing, communication and other specialty business related subjects.

His book “The Positive Leader With a Big Impact – Business Lessons Learned to Make Money and Have Fun Doing It,” has sold over 3,000 copies on Amazon.

Bing graduated from Sacred Heart University with a B.S. in Business Administration, The Jack Welch Management Institute and is an honorary member of Delta Mu Delta, from Southern Connecticut State University.

Bing is an expert gardener and was author for over 25-years of a popular garden column for a major Connecticut Newspaper. He has two daughters, Nicole and Jamie Carbone, who are both recent graduates from Southern Connecticut State University.

Bing has been a resident of Shelton, Connecticut for over 25-years.