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Dan Moscatiello, '88

Dan MoscatiellCEO of Swiss Post Solutions North America

Dan Moscatiello, ’88, transferred to Southern after earning an associate degree at Suffolk County Community College in Long Island, where he grew up. “I wanted to go away for school, but not too far away. I still wanted to be within reach of nearby cities,” he says. With a campus located midway between New York city and Boston, Southern fit the bill for the former student-athlete who majored in business administration.

But with the rigor of his schedule at Southern, it’s surprising he had time to travel anywhere. As a full-time student and linebacker on the Owls football team, in addition to working part time, Moscatiello certainly had his hands full.  This was fine with him. He enjoyed being active while at Southern. But, in some ways, it was also his biggest challenge. “I wish I would have leveraged more of what Southern had to offer,” he says. “I wish I’d joined clubs of interest and participated in more events.” But between full course loads and demands from athletics, it was difficult to fit more into the schedule.

That pace hasn’t changed for Moscatiello, who is now the chief executive officer of Swiss Post Solutions North America, part of a global organization headquartered in Zurich, that provides clients with physical and digital document management services. Moscatiello heads the organization of 1,600 employees in a wide variety of functions, including sales, operations, finance, human resources, and marketing. “When it comes to clients, he’s the most active and engaged CEO I’ve ever known,” says Janet Tarzia, a member of the organization’s executive leadership team.

From working at the New Haven Coliseum as a student to serving as the chief executive officer of a world-renowned company, Moscatiello’s story is one of hard work leading to success.

His advice to business students: “Don’t forget about other fields of study —  sit in and learn about psychology or history. Participate in other clubs. Get to know people from other religions, races, regions. Try to experience as much as you can while at college.”