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School of Business Programs and Degrees

Business class

 Classes are taught in the School of Business’s expansive new facility, with state-of-the-art features, including a high-tech trading room (shown above) where students conduct research on various market sectors with hands-on access to the same data used by Wall Street traders. The SCSU Foundation provides $100,000 annually for the student-managed Trading Team to invest in the market.

The School of Business offers a business major with a concentration in accounting, business economics, finance, international business, management, management of information systems, and marketing leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. The program builds upon a strong foundation in liberal arts and offers an in-depth knowledge in a particular business area. The Business Administration Program prepares students both for graduate study in economics, business administration, or law and for seeking entry-level professional positions in business, industry, and government. In addition, the School of Business offers the M.B.A. degree in business administration.

The School of Business is organized into the following academic departments. On the graduate level, the School of Business offers a Masters of Business Administration program with four areas of specialization.  The M.B.A. degree is available in both traditional and accelerated formats.

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