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welcome to the management/mis/International business department

BassettThe Management Department houses three concentrations: Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), and International Business.

The management concentration allows ample flexibility, from an individual career viewpoint, for students to obtain foundation knowledge and skills that are suitable for operating a small business or advancing into a wide variety of middle and upper level management positions within corporations and not-for-profit organizations. The concentration also helps students prepare for graduate study in business and law. By highlighting successful organizational processes and practices, this concentration helps students understand a wide variety of managerial concerns as well as analytical and administrative techniques commonly used to address them.

The MIS concentration helps to prepare students for positions that support and satisfy organizations’ information needs, through design and development of information systems for use in managerial monitoring and decision making processes. Emphasis is placed on the role of a “business systems analyst” who develops information system specifications and works closely with computer programmers to make appropriate use of computers in business. The focus is on processing transactions and using information linked to administrative systems. Topics within operations management are highlighted.

The concentration in international business is designed to provide students with a global perspective. The program of study has three parts. Students must first complete the Business Administration Requirements. The second block of 18 credits comprises the specialization in international business. Students must select four distinct prefixes from a selection of business courses. For the third block, students must demonstrate proficiency in a world language at the second-year college level. There is also a 6-credit cognate in cultural studies selected with the approval of an adviser. Cognate courses would be drawn from the departments of anthropology, art, interdisciplinary studies, political science, geography, history, world languages, or literature and would serve as a cultural exposure to a foreign country or region. Although optional, students in this program are encouraged to attend one summer school session in a foreign country. A semester abroad would be even better preparation for a career in international business. 

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