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Curricula Requirements

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All students enrolled in the School of Business are required to take a minimum of 122 credits for completing their degree requirements as listed below:

  • Liberal Education Program Requirement: 48 credits
  • Business Administration Requirement: 43 credits
  • Business Common Core: 34 credits
  • Global Business Course: 3 credits
  • Analysis and Application: 3 credits
  • Business Elective: 3 credits
  • Major/Concentration: 18 credits
  • Electives: 13 credits

Students must take a minimum of 50 percent of the 43 credits in the Business Administration requirements, and at least 50 percent of the major/concentration requirements listed under each department in the School of Business. Therefore, no more than 31 total credits in the Business Administration Program can be transferred to SCSU to meet the B.S. degree in business administration graduation requirement.

Free electives allow students to pursue areas of additional or professional interest. Although 6 of these 13 credits may be taken within the School of Business, students are encouraged to take all their free electives outside the School of Business.

In addition to meeting the above-mentioned SCSU graduation requirements, a student must obtain at least a "C" grade in each concentration course in order to graduate. Students receiving grades of "C-" or lower in concentration courses
will be required to repeat those courses.

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