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Business School Student Ambassadors

student ambassadors 2017

Pictured from left on the back row are José Cleves, senior; Jack Dowe, senior; Luke Velez, junior; and Jillian Korwek, junior. Front row from left are Alyssa Klein, junior; Meaghan Tetro, senior; Yenny Bayas, senior; and Alexandra Sosa, junior.


The Student Ambassadors are a new School of Business leadership-development initiative started during Fall semester 2016. The program runs through the Dean’s office and is supported through gifts to the School of Business. The School views the Ambassadors as a prestige program targeting highly motivated and academically accomplished juniors and seniors who demonstrate great potential for leadership.

The SCSU School of Business Student Ambassadors program will consist of 8 students – four juniors and four seniors. They will be selected to represent the School of Business to alumni, prospective students, and the Business Advisory Council. These individuals will assist and support all School of Business special events, including professional development programs.

 Minimum Qualifications

  • Ambassadors must have completed ACC 200, MKT 200, MGT 305, and ECO 100 and 101
  • Ambassadors must hold and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5
  • Ambassadors must commit to working a full academic year
  • Ambassadors must successfully complete an interview with a selection panel

 You must submit this application with the following items in order to be considered

  • A current one-page resume
  • An essay of no more than 300 words outlining why you decided to study business and why you want to be a School of Business Ambassador
  • Current semester Degree Evaluation with classes in progress

 Once selected, Ambassadors receive uniforms (paid for by donors to the School of Business). This academic year’s group is the first one to go through the program in its current configuration. There had been a previous attempt to conduct an Ambassadors program, but it fell into dormancy. Thus we view this one as a “new” program.  

 For more information, please contact the Advisor of School of Business Student Ambassadors, Dr. Robert Forbus at .