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ad astra logoThe Ad Astra Investment Fund was established in September of 2007 with the objective of providing Southern Connecticut State University Finance majors with a means of applying what has been learned in the classroom toward real world investment principles. The fund has been endowed by the SCSU foundation an initial corpus of $100,000. Any gains from the fund's investments remain within the fund as consistent with any losses. Currently the fund invests in the equity of domestic firms traded on US public exchanges and foreign equities in the form of depository receipts. 

Participation in the fund is limited to undergraduate Finance majors or graduate candidates who show outstanding desire to learn, and have completed the prerequisite Finance courses as well as grade point average that is required. Student participants earn academic credits for their activities with the fund

For more information, please call Dr. Benjamin Abugri, chair of the Economics & Finance department, at (203) 392-5171 or email him at