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CCSAR - Center for Community & School Action Research

Improving Communities & the Lives of Children

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CCSAR is a research, evaluation and training center that is sanctioned within the Connecticut State University System.  CCSAR conducts reasearch on various programs, interventions, and initiatives that impact children and communities.  We assist private and public entites to inform and improve educational practices, policies, and community interventions.


New publications

CCSAR Magazine

University Press of America

Promoting Early Language and Literacy Development:   Striving to Achieve Reading Success

Edited by Norris M. Haynes


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Educator Preparation Program Evaluation

Each year CCSAR conducts an evaluation of the SCSU Educator Preparation Program.  Our broad-based approach incorporates a variety of research and performance-based assessment instruments to assess and measure the overall quality and effectiveness of this program.


spa reports for ncate review

Specialized professional associations (SPA's) set professional standards and assessment measures  to assess the quality of teacher preparation programs offered by an institution. Institutions are required to submit their programs for review by SPAs as part of the NCATE accreditation process. CCSAR staff assisted in the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of  pertinent data for SCSU's School of Education SPA reports.