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From Dean Sandra Bulmer

Sandra Bulmer, Ph.D.,  Dean, School of Health and Human ServicesThe College of Health and Human Services is comprised of seven disciplines that all share a mission of caring and compassion within a professional framework: communication disorders, exercise science, marriage and family therapy, nursing, public health, recreation, tourism, and sport management, and social work. These disciplines focus on the preparation of competent and creative practitioners to meet the health and human service needs of society. All programs require a strong liberal arts background as a prerequisite to professional course work. In addition to theory-focused courses in the major, students in each program participate in community-based clinical training, field practice, and internships. Preparing for health and human services careers at Southern is demanding, intellectually and personally. It requires dedication and involves sophisticated research and intensive study.

Students learn together with the faculty how practice, research, and theory  interact as they respond to clients encountering issues such as alcohol and substance abuse,  mental illness, AIDS, family violence, child abuse, primary health care needs, elderly recreation services, and the relationship between poverty and nutrition. Five of the departments offer undergraduate degrees which lay the foundation for beginning professional practice in their respective disciplines in addition to providing students with a solid background for pursuing graduate study in their particular field. All disciplines award highly regarded master's degrees. Because there are various trajectories within these professions, each discipline offers a lifetime of rewarding career opportunities.

The College of Health and Human Services is the only school in Connecticut with these disciplines under a single umbrella, which means academic opportunities are highly interdisciplinary. Research demonstrates that clients are best served when the professionals collaborate. For example, a client of a daycare center gets better care when her social worker knows how to consult with a nurse or a speech-language pathologist. Working on the same principle, Southern's clinics and classroom projects encourage students to collaborate with and learn from students in other disciplines.


The college's wide range of internships means that students can begin to participate in the community while earning their degrees. Public health students can work in local community health centers, helping a variety of professionals to assess patient health. Students in Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Management work in a variety of settings: they assist physically challenged patients in rehabilitation facilities; they work with communities to develop extra curricular opportunities for positive youth development; and, they participate in sports management activities. Social work students intern in child welfare agencies, family and child guidance clinics, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities.  Nursing students complete clinical rotations in various acute care hospitals as well as in community based agencies, such as schools and visiting nurse agencies. The marriage and family therapy program offers comprehensive training  expected of  prospective licensed marriage and family therapists by offering students an array of clinical  training experiences in settings such as, community  mental health agencies, youth service agencies, and hospital outpatient clinics. The exercise science program offers bachelors and masters degrees with fully accredited and nationally recognized program options for students wishing to focus on Athletic Training, Human Performance, Physical Education and/or College Health Education.

 By clicking the Academic Departments category on  the sidebar to the left you can read more about some of the specialized study opportunities available to motivated students at Southern.  Feel free to contact us with requests for further information.


The offices of the College of Health and Human Services are located in ENB110. Call (203) 392-8047 for directions, or find us on the campus map.

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