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Part-time Study at Southern


  • Work toward an undergraduate or graduate degree
  • Come back to college to finish your degree
  • Take courses in anticipation of applying to a degree program
  • Take one or two courses as a non-degree-seeking student for professional development or personal enrichment.

Get started:  Explore your options

Your first step is to find out about Southern's wide range of degree programs and courses.


Get answers: Ask an adviser

If you are interested in taking a course at the undergraduate level and have questions, contact the Academic Advisement Center and get the answers you need. 

Schedule a phone or in-person meeting with an academic adviser. Call (203) 392-5367. Or email your question to

If you are interested in courses at the graduate level and have questions, email your question to

Get on your way:  Register or Apply

If you're planning to take an individual course as a non-degree-seeking student, click here to register and follow the instructions for "visiting students."

If you are interested in starting your undergraduate or graduate degree,  or are returning to college to complete your degree, apply for admission below: