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Peer Educators Advocating for Campus Empowerment (PEACE)




Peer Educators in PEACE are role models for making the campus a safer, more respectful place for ALL students by facilitating discussions on sexual misconduct and bystander intervention. Bystander intervention is intervening in problematic situations, while PEACE focuses on intervening safely in situations of sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking and sexual exploitation), the skills learned in the workshops can be used in many other interpersonal violence situations, including bullying, hazing, etc.


Peace club -SP2018


We ALL have the power to make a positive change at Southern. "It's On Us" to make a change.


Will YOU be a peer educator?



  • Volunteer/Service opportunity and hours 
  • Personal and Professional Learning Experience
  • Hone Public Speaking Skills and Facilitation Skills
  • Develop/improve understanding of issues of sexual misconduct, bystander intervention, consent, and resources available

All Peer Educators will  receive training in the content curriculum, as well as presentation skills, etc. and continuous support from the Violence Prevention, Victim Advocacy and Support (VPAS) Center


  • Facilitate informational and interactive workshops on a variety of violence prevention topics with student organizations, residence life, and  classrooms. Once trained, Peer Educators are expected to co- facilitate a minimum of 2 presentations and assist with 2 informational tables per semester. You will have guidance and assistance with this!
  • Plan and facilitate educational/awareness events
  • Assist with VPAS annual events, including The Red Flag Campaign, Take Back the Night, & It’s On Us Festivals
  • Inform students about resources and advocacy services
  • Attend meetings as scheduled to work together to develop and execute special programs
  • Receive continuous learning and development support from VPAS Center staff
  • Have fun!

SELECTION CRITERIA                                 

  • Must be enrolled as a student at Southern Connecticut State University
  • Must be able to make a minimum 2 semester commitment to the program 
  • Have a commitment to contributing to a positive campus environment and ability to model healthy and prosocial behavior for peers
  • An interest in the topics of sexual misconduct prevention, affirmative consent and bystander intervention
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Professional communication skills

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  • Enthusiasm for working on a team and making a difference
  • Availability to attend 28 hour Peer Educator Training (dates TBA)  is mandatory            
**If you are not able to make a commitment as a PEACE Peer Educator you can still assist the club in other ways as a Member! Contact PEACE President or join our meetings to learn more!

Applications are due February 1, 2019
See for more information and to apply under FORMS once you are logged in.